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Time to re-evaluate your systems and processes

Success Strategy (Pixelbay)

Since regular business and daily operations are slow right now, it’s the perfect time to evaluate current processes and implement improvements.

Some examples of strategic questions to ask:

  • Are you using 2 or more project management tools? Why? Choose one that can handle tasks and processes for all teams and yet keep them separate.
  • Are teams entering similar data in CRMs and other databases? Can this not be automated? Tools like Zapier can help.
  • Are you still using that tool that charges monthly? Re-evaluate costs. Go through all your SaaS subscriptions and cancel ones that you don’t need or if there is an existing tool that can handle it.
  • Are your Accounts Receivables and Payables systems in place and working as expected? For eg, are your invoice reminders going out? Automate it.
  • Are your IT systems alerts too frequent? Instead of just ignoring and moving them to trash, find ways to maybe reduce frequency and add new ones that make sense and need attention.
  • Do you have plans to move on-premise servers and systems to the Cloud? Right now, server loads are low and probably less user access as well. So go implement Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud migrations now, that you had planned for later in the year.
  • Are you looking for better data visibility and have been thinking of creating a dashboard instead of working in spreadsheets? Tools like Looker and Klipfolio can help you visualize your data so that you can take action.

How are you thinking strategically and what changes are you implementing in your business right now?

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